I have 30-something days left in the school year, and five days of summer school, and then I am out of this district and into a new one. I am not at all sure the new district will be a better work environment than this one, but I am pretty sure it cannot be worse...I have essentially ignored all the things I find ethically wrong with working in my current position on this blog, because I don't think it'd be appropriate or useful to whine here, but wow, do I feel good about leaving...

Being in the lame duck position has also encouraged a senioritis-type attitude in me. Let me tell you, it is so much easier to get a dentist appointment at noon than it is to get the last one of the day. 

I am soaking up the time with the kids that I do have left, because I was warned in my interview there would be much less of that in my new position next year. Spitfire nagged me for weeks, until I caved in and watched Frozen one night, and she gave me one of her rare hugs in return. Rarely have I seen her as content as she was when I was knowledgeable enough to have a lengthy discussion with her on Olaf. 

My days are a whirlwind right now and this is really only a post to say that I do still exist. I know I keep saying it, but, more later.