I'm still here, thank you.

What a nice bunch of comments and emails I've received lately, questioning my whereabouts in the blogosphere.

I'm here, and wanting to get back to writing. I don't think I have enough work stories to feed this blog alone, depending on how many tales of bureaucratic BS anyone wants to read though. I've tried to avoid the magnetic pull I'm feeling into the mommy-blogging category, but I am not sure I can resist a rant on some of the toys I've deemed inappropriate given to my child. If the possibility of reading about another crazy mother's path through parenthood terrifies you, go ahead and unsubscribe now just in case...I feel a post on the subject of pink Lego sets coming up.

On another note, I'm famous today, and I would have tidied up my house a little more had I known my snapshot would have been posted along with my comments. But seriously, P&G, you almost doubled the scoop size. I can't imagine laundry dirtier than what's in my house: toddler cloth diapers. One scoop of it has been sufficient for the last 20 months - what on earth would someone be washing to need almost double the original suggested amount of detergent? And how asthma-inducing would the fragrance be of the clothes washed using the new suggested amount?

Anyway. I'm here all, and open to suggestions on post topics - see the contact information in the sidebar. Happy holidays!