I love when I turn to a news site and there's actually good news. Check it out: Obesity rates drop sharply for 2- to 5-year-olds: Study. Thank goodness.

I haven't had much to report here, because there seems to be little going on besides my bourgeoning belly. It's all anyone can talk about when they see me these days, and everyone is acting like I'm a ticking time bomb with another 4 weeks to go until the baby's expected due date. I'll be on maternity leave starting March 14th; I have this Friday off, a baby shower at the usually awful nurses' meeting tomorrow, and a group baby shower Thursday at one of my school sites for myself and two other pregnant teachers due around the same time as myself. Life is good.  


Training my replacement

This week I've been stuck training my replacement...One of the six LVNs they have hired/are hiring within a span of four weeks. She'll fill in for me while I'm on maternity leave, but we all know that in the end, eventually, LVNs are going to take over the positions of the health clerks and us more expensive RNs. 

It's a very strange thing to be training the person (or kind of nurse, rather) that will be replacing the RNs. While I think it's best for the district, and the students, I can't help but automatically not like the girl I've been assigned to. Particularly when I was introducing her to my diabetics, and she said about them, "So basically you're here to babysit them?" 

Hardly. After that comment, and suggesting that my calculated doses of insulin for Spitfire are "guesses," I sat her down and relayed this old story to her. Hopefully I scared her into taking insulin seriously, because I'm not too eager to turn my diabetics over to someone totally incompetent. 

On a related note, I'm feeling and looking more pregnant by the day and now cannot escape the unbelievable comments that people feel free to make to pregnant women. Example: A noon duty asked me this week, "Are you enjoying getting heavier?" Gee...thanks for pointing that out. At least it wasn't as bad as the man who suggested I must be due "in the next month" a full nine weeks from my due date. 


I can't imagine

This would be SO disappointing if you were one of the scam victims.



I finally found something in this job besides head lice that made my stomach churn. I walked in after making my diabetic rounds to find a student waiting for me in my nice comfy office chair. Not just any student though...No, the one that appears to have ringworm of the scalp. It's going around, and while I know it's just a fungus, I'd like to avoid getting it on my head. This also happened just hours after a teacher told me that this same child gave her a hug and - through her shirt - she contracted ringworm requiring two rounds of antibiotics, and a scar remains.