Names are with you almost forever

I used to be pretty stunned by some of the names I come across in this job, but now that I'm an old hag in my third year, I have come to expect the worst. Still, I was surprised to find a new one today. I'm not at liberty to say the full name, but here's a hint: his first and middle names are a single letter. Yes, a letter. No, they don't stand for anything. Naturally, this was the one kid in the class that turned out to be color vision deficient (CVD is the more accurate description of colorblindness), and I had to address an envelope: "To the parents of" - of a letter. A single letter, no period signaling an abbreviation. 

Parents, when you name your kids, it's going to be with them for awhile. Do them a favor and give them a real name, not just a letter. (On that note, thanks Mom and Dad for giving me a short, easily pronounceable, and easily spelled name!) 

Unrelated, I'd like to take a moment and say thanks for the overwhelmingly positive comments and emails I continue to receive. While I can't respond to every one, I do read them, and always appreciate them. Thank you!! 


  1. Anonymous29/8/12 06:27

    Just wanted to say you are awesome. I wish you were my son's school nurse with your caring and compassion. Fortunately we've had a few awesome nurses the past couple of years, and the health office was his sanctuary when his horrid first grade teacher & her 'paraprofessional' failed to comprehend that he's not ignoring you, he's autistic and afraid of you.

  2. Now I'm going to be wondering what those letters are...and why the parents named the child after letters...and how the poor kid will cope with that for the rest of his/her life...

    Oh yes, I think you're awesome too. :-)

  3. Anonymous31/8/12 09:53

    This made me giggle! I too have often wondered what on earth parents where thinking when picking names. I will admit the ones with the unusual names are more often remembered than the ones with plain names. School nursing is awesome!

  4. Anonymous6/9/12 12:27

    Notable student names: